Musée Champollion

First quarter of 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, the Musée Champollion will open to the south of Grenoble in the town of Vif. First French museum entirely dedicated to Egyptology, it is set in one of the Champollion family’s former residences and it will stand as a tribute to two illustrious brothers : Jean-François Champollion, the decipherer of hieroglyphs (from the Rosetta Stone) and his elder brother, the archaeologist Jacques-Joseph Champollion-Figeac. Blending restored spaces and contemporary museography, the scenography will fully immerse visitors in 19th century life. There will be a permanent exhibition space on the life and works of the Champollion brothers as well as a temporary exhibition space for an evolving series of ephemeral displays. Outside, the bucolic vegetable garden is restored in the spirit of the 19th century with flower beds and an orchard of local tree species, recreating the rural ambiance so dear to the two brothers.




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Musée Champollion
45, rue Champollion
38450 VIF


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